Credit Make Up


If you failed a class or are looking to get ahead, there are several options to choose from to receive credit!

Eastshore Online

Eastshore Online is is an outline school facilitated through Alpine School District. It has course options for students to enroll in and complete online. Eastshore is mostly independent learning with no set deadlines. Eastshore is a great option for students who are self-motivated and willing to manage their time and get assignments done online. To register for Eastshore, click on the icon below. 


Steps to Register for Eastshore Online

Other Online Providers

There are several other online school options to receive credit. Students enrolling in schools through the State Online Education Program (SEOP or SEATS) may not be enrolled in more than 8 credits total per school year. This includes course taken at American Fork High School and/or through an SOEP approved school. If a students online course load exceeds the 8 credit limit amount, courses will be eliminated from the AFHS schedule, or students will need to drop online courses to stay at the 8 credit limit. 

** Are online options that are a part of the SEOP/SEATS program.

Summer School

Summer School is going to be held at American Fork High School this year! More information is coming soon.

Steps to Enroll in Alpine District Summer School:

  1. Talk to your counselor and complete the summer school form.
  2. Pay for summer school in the finance office.
  3. After you have paid return the summer school form to your counselor to register you for your classes.
  4. Counselor will email you your schedule!