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To excuse absences, call or send an email within 
two weeks of the absence.

AFHS Attendance

Students achieve higher levels of learning and success when they have a regular pattern of attendance at school. Student attendance is better when students, parents, teachers, and school staff are in the loop. When early attention is given to an attendance problem, students have the chance to fix patterns that will affect their connection with the curriculum and the teacher.

                                                         Six Absence Limit 

Each class has a six absence limit per term. Excused absences, unexcused absences, and truancies all count towards the limit. When a student reaches the limit in a class, they will meet with a team that includes their administrator, counselor, and advocate to determine what happens next. Next steps can include dropping the class, changing the schedule, or mandating flex attendance.. The goal of this process is to identify attendance problems early and find the best solutions to promote better attendance.



Excused/Unexcused Attendance


Excused Absences and Tardies

Parents may excuse a student’s absence by calling the attendance office or through Skyward using  the Absence Request link. Absences should be excused within 10 school days (two weeks). If an unexcused absence remains after two weeks, parents will need to excuse it through the Skyward online excusal portal. (See instructions/tutorial below) A tardy is defined as when a student is late to class within the first 20 minutes of class time. After a student is 20 minutes late, the student is marked absent. While excused absences let the school know that a parent is aware of an absence, the best approach is to pre-approve absences (see below), so that parent, student, and teacher all know when and what a student will miss.

Unexcused Absences and Truancies

All absences that are not excused are listed as unexcused absences. A truancy is a confirmed absence from school or class without prior parent approval and is determined by the school’s administration. Confirmed truancies cannot be excused by a parent. Additionally, students who leave class early without being properly checked-out by a parent or guardian will be considered truant. Students who misuse hall passes or are found without a hall pass during class time may be given a truancy.

Pre-Approved Absences

Pre-approved Requests

Pre-approved absences do not count towards the six absence limit. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain pre-absence approval for missed classes.  Arranging absence make-up before they happen shows responsibility and dependability.  This includes a short form to be filled out after discussions with each of the student’s teachers. These forms are located in the attendance office or on the school website and should be filled out and turned in at least one week prior to the absence/s. Pre-approved absences do affect perfect attendance recognition. School administration can determine that absences are pre-approved without the form in the case of family emergencies.



Skyward Parent Excusal Procedures


Skyward Online Excusal 

Parents can now excuse student absences online via Skyward. Please note that this is not for tardies, truancies, or check-outs.  Attached are step by step directions as well as a link to an online tutorial. If you have any questions or need to be reminded of your Skyward login, please stop by or call the front office.