Meet the

Laura Shelley (A-B)

Kristine Brown (C-F)

Shantell Shoell (G-J)

Bree Toone (K-M)

Lisa Cuff (N-Sh)

Stacee Sneddon (Si-Z)


[email protected]

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Counselors can help students with the follow

  • Social/Emotional well-being
  • Class Registration
  • Applying for college
  • Class Changes
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Future planning
  • Tracking graduation requirements

Marney Smith (A-B): [email protected]

Lizzy Rosenberg (C-F): [email protected]

Carol Carter (G-J): [email protected]

Cathy Davis (K-M): [email protected]

Margie Stringam (N-Sh): [email protected]

Cindy Anderson (Si-Z): [email protected]

Advocates support counselors with the following:

  • Track attendance
  • Track grades

These are the lovely ladies you see when you walk into the counseling office. They check students in and can help students schedule appointments with their counselor.

Laina Lefler: [email protected]

Lisa Blacker: [email protected]

Stephanie McBride: 


The registrar enrolls students in skyward and handles anything dealing with transcripts.

Registrar: Tina Caudill, (Out of the office until January 2020)

Assistant Registrar: Lisa Blacker, [email protected]

The social worker can help students with social/emotional well-being.

Sarah Bartholomew: [email protected]