East Shore is facilitated through Alpine School District. Is a website that has course options for students to enroll in and complete online. East Shore is mostly independent learning with no set deadlines. East Shore is a great option if students are self-motivated and willing to manage their time and get assignments done online. (If students struggle to stay focused or motivated on their own, summer school would be a better option)

  • Talk to your Counselor before signing up
  • $100 Registration Fee (gives you access to the online courses for one calendar year) and $5 for each unit (next one is free if completed within 30 days)
  • Each unit gives .125 credit, (i.e. 0.5 credit course=4 units)
  • Classes expire after 30 days
  • Proctored exam at the end of each unit
  • Contact Shelly Hancock ([email protected]) for questions or to get a test proctored

**There is no limit to the number of units or courses students complete on East Shore. This is the best way for students to earn extra credits, if they are trying to graduate early or have release periods in their schedule.

To get started on East Shore, go to eastshore.alpineschools.org and create an account. Once you create an account, you choose the first unit to start working on. Please contact your counselor  ahead of time to make sure you are working on the correct unit or course.

BYU Independent Study-Cost Varies

Northridge Learning Center (Hard-copy workbook and online assignments)

Alta Independent-Cost $150 for .5 credit, $265 for 1credit, or $250 for unlimited courses (up to 6 courses at a time)

***Utah Virtual Academy (866)-788-0364

***Utah Online School K-12 (435)-673-3553 ext 5181

***Weber Online (801)476-7877

***Mountain Heights Academy (888)-670-0032

***Utah Connections Academy (800)382-6010

***Leadership Academy of Utah (800)200-6869

***Canyons Virtual High School (801)826-5220

***American Fork High School students enrolling in the following schools through the State Online Education Program (SEOP) may not be enrolled in more than 8 credits total per school year. This includes courses taken at American Fork High School and/or through an SOEP approved school. If a student’s online course load exceeds the 8 credit limit amount, courses will be eliminated from the AFHS schedule, or students will need to drop online courses to stay at the 8 credit limit. 

NOTE: Courses taken online through SOEP schools over the summer count towards credits for the following school year and still cannot exceed 8 credits total that next school year.

Summer School is held every year at Mountain View High School and Lehi High School

Cost: $25 for each class (one class=$25, 3 classes=$75, etc)

Credits: .25 credits for each class

How to Enroll:

  1. Email your counselor with the following information: school you want to attend, course name, summer school block (1 or 2), and class period.
  2. Pay for summer school:
    1. Go to myschoolfees.com
    2. Create an account if you don’t have one already
    3. Select American Fork High School from the menu
    4. Select your student from the drop down menu (if your student isn’t there click on “add student” and enter their information)
  3. Click on Categories and click on Misc and then summer school
  4. After you have paid your counselor will register you and email you your schedule!

If you play a sport, are part of the Marching Band, or go on Choir tour you can receive credit. There is a limit, you can receive .25 credits for each year, for up to 2 years of participation. That equates to a total of .50 credit. 

                      2 Years (.25 credits per year)=.50 credit

MULTI-SPORT athletes can receive a total of 1.0 credit (.50 credit from each sport)

                     2 Years of Soccer=.50 credit

                     2 Years of Track=.50 credit

In order to receive the credit you have to fill out a form, which you can pick up in the counseling center.

**Non UHSAA Sanctioned Extra-Curricular activities (i.e. Mountain Biking, gymnastics) can receive .50 credit for 2 years of participation. To receive that credit there is a separate form that you can pick up, complete and return to the counseling office.