Class Changes

The Class Change Form will be open for 2nd Semester class changes December 14th-January 7th

Counselors will not be meeting in person with students to complete a class change. If you would like a class change, complete the form above and your counselor will let you know if your change is possible.

There will be a $5 class change fee each time you fill out the form and the change was made to your schedule.

*NOTE: Counselors will not overfill classes.

Students chose their own classes. Therefore, once school begins, classes will only be changed for Necessary Academic Reasons (graduation requirements, CTE Pathways, and/or teacher recommendation.)


At the beginning of term 1 or term 3, all necessary ACADEMIC changes must be completed within the first four days (2 A DAYS and 2 B DAYS) of the term.


At the end of the first or third term, ‘mid-semester’ changes will be allowed ONLY for extreme circumstances. Parents must speak with their student’s counselor. ALL CHANGES must be done by the end of the first week of any term. Making changes after that date disrupts teaching and puts students behind in curriculum. If special circumstances arise, a parent must make an appointment with the counselor to discuss the change after the first week of a new semester. 

*According to Alpine School District Policy, class changes should not be made after three weeks into the nine week grading term.